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My name is Tanya Elif Karişkir. I was an interpreter during the war.

Tanya Kareva (born Karişkir) is of the first female volunteers of the Cirssan Army. She is on a personal mission to reunite with her younger sister, a girl she abandoned ten years ago.

When she arrives at the front, she discovers that her sister’s unit is missing in action. Soon after, the Cirssans, disorganized and hard-pressed against technologically superior foes, are pushed back. Taken captive, Tanya agrees to aid the Reynian captain of the enigmatic airship, the RES Kassandra, and enemy of her countrymen, in return for intelligence on the whereabouts of her sister.



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Farewell My Homeland (FMH) is an ongoing project. With the goal of becoming a full-fledged novel, it is currently in the concepting and research phase. Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, enjoy the art.